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    "The site that Proteon software helped create for us not only dramatically increased the professional look of the site but also made Chapter support much easier. Our members have noticed the difference as well, commenting many times on how much easier navigation is. Mike and his staff were there for us every step of the way, spending hours on the phone with us developing the layout and answering all our questions. I would certainly recommend Proteon to other Chapters looking for a hosted site solution."

Update to CRS Reports and Data

Proteon has received information from the PMI GOC regardng the implementation of Customer Relationship Management system that has affected CRS Reports and data.   As Proteon receives information, we will continue to communicate it on our website and through email notifications.  Once the PMI System Update does go live, there may be issues during the break-in period.  If you do notice any issues, please notify us at Proteon Helpdesk so that may pass that information to PMI GOC. 

PMI System Update Impacts CRS through 20 January

This is an update to the notification sent on 23 December regarding an upgrade to PMI systems that affected CRS reports and data. This upgrade included implementation of the new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that marks a significant phase of the broader Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program at PMI. This latest release and integration centralizes stakeholder information and provides a more robust profile of PMI customers — so we, PMI and Chapters are in a better position to serve members to create and maintain lasting, meaningful relationships. If you would like to learn more about the ERP program at PMI please go to Community Leadership Site to view the Technology as a Value Enablerpresentations.

During this time, the ability to pull data through the Web Service (API) may not be available as has been reported by some chapters. Pulling this data may result in blank data files. We are sorry that this was not communicated in the original notification as that was an error on our part.

Based on report testing, PMI determined the reports will not be ready by Monday, 12 January 2015. The system will be available with current chapter information on Tuesday, 20 January 2015 following additional system testing.

The Chapter Development department appreciates your patience and understanding as we work towards improving CRS based on your feedback. We will continue to communicate with you throughout this process and send you updates through the online discussion group and direct emails.

To summarize key dates regarding data:


31 December 2014- Last day of current chapter Information in CRS; no DEP files/data


31 December – 10 January - PMI CRM System upgrades and testing


20 January 2015 – Chapter Information current in CRS

Proteon Technical Update

ProteonLogoEmailHeader copy

You may have noticed that the nightly member update from is not completing correctly for your chapter.  There is currently an issue regararding the data from which is not accurately reflecting the membership of the chapter.

The impact of this issue was that registered members of the chapter were not able to login for two days.  Proteon worked hard over the weekend to allow all current chapter members to login so they can register for events and still get their membership discounts.

A secondary and minor impact to this issue is that new members will not be reflected on the site.  As a workaround, you can create a single-use discount code to give to new members until the data feed is fixed.

DO NOT MANUALLY SYNCHRONIZE PRODEP ON THE WEBSITE as this will only pull the bad data from and will again block member login.  If this does happen, please notify the Proteon Team so we can unblock the member records again.

The Proteon Team has notified PMI GOC and we are working on a resolution to this issue.  We expect resolution within the next few business days.  Once the issue is fully resolved we will make a formal announcement.


If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us at Proteon Helpdesk.

The Proteon Support Team

New Zimbra 8 Coming Your Way

Zimbra 8

For our Partners who are using the Zimbra email platform, the current Zimbra 6.0 email platform is nearing end of life.  As a result we are migrating the chapters to the new Zimbra 8.0 platform.

The new Zimbra 8.0 platform (pictured at the right) is the current state of the art. However, since it is only an upgrade everything will work the same. Here are some talking points to share with your team:

This is a Zimbra 6.0 to Zimbra 8.0 upgrade so very little will change except the newer look and feel. The major upgrade is stability and usability.

  • All of your email message will migrate.
  • All of your briefcase document will migrate.
  • All of your folders will migrate.
  • All of your calendar entries will migrate.
  • All of the messages in you 'sent' folder will migrate.
  • Your password will migrate
  • All of your mobile phone connections will still work
  • All of your tablet connections will still work
  • All of your email application connections will still work.
  • There will be no downtime or bounced messages however it might take over 24 hours for all the old message to migrate.

When you first login you should doublecheck your preference settings and shared briefcase settings to make sure everything transferred correctly.  While we have created a reliable process to migrate everything it is always good to verify.

If you log in to your email and notice the new blue look, it means your chapter has been migrated.   The older version has a tan interface.  The Proteon Team has been hard at work to make the migration as seemless as possible with as little end user impact as possible.  However, we are aware that there may be questions.  Please feel free to submit a ticket at Proteon Helpdesk with any questions you may have before or after the migration.

Top Ten Reasons to Partner with Proteon

Proteon is a co-operative of PMI Chapters dedicated to supporting all the technology needs of the member chapters and not just the website.  We currently parter with over 110 Chapters and we are speaking with another 40 chapters.  The growth has been amazing.  It is all due to the unique partnership we have with our member chapters and the value we provide.

Here are the top ten reasons to partner with Proteon and the family of PMI Chapters:

  1. Only Proteon can migrate your platform within a matter of days if necessary.
  2. Proteon will do all the work and will ensure a world class PMI Standards based website for your membership.  All we need is your review of the site and approval of our work.  Proteon will also offer unlimited live instructor-led training and support, before and after the go-live, to ensure a smooth transition.  The unlimited live support after go-live will last as long as you need without question.
  3. Proteon partners with over 110 chapters worldwide and is by far the overwhelming choice of PMI Chapters with over 90% of all PMI approved websites.
  4. Proteon is the only vendor that meets every PMI standard and optional feature for the Chapter Web Services Program.  Proteon is the only vendor with weekly user group meetings that leverage best practices from the other chapters so you don't have to re-invent anything.  You can just re-use best practices from the other chapters.
  5. Proteon is the only vendor that will guarantee your site will grow with your chapter because only Proteon gives you legal ownership of the source code.  With Proteon not only will you get your own independent production site, but you will also get your own development site to test and improve.
  6. Only Proteon is owned and operated by PMP’s for PMI Chapters.   We just don’t see how anyone other than PMP’s can do a better job.  Our continued dominance and rapid growth has proven this model
  7. Proteon is a membership based co-operative like PMI and that optimally aligns us as the right partner to deliver the top-notch services that your membership deserves.
  8. Proteon is the only vendor that will give you a 100% money back guarantee.
  9. Proteon will develop your new website with a secret URL that only you know about.  The website will go live only when you approve it and if, for any reason, you decide not to go-live then Proteon will immediately refund 100% of the monies without question and you can continue without any disruption.
  10. Proteon has additional critical features that are exclusive to only Proteon:
    • Proteon is the only vendor that has completely automated branch management.
    • Proteon is the only vendor that uses Synthetic Transaction Monitoring to ensure that your site displays correctly all the time on the end user's computer.
    • Proteon is the only vendor that will provide a personal webmaster for your site that will run your site for you in times of webmaster transition.
    • Proteon is the only vendor that offers the Zimbra board member collaboration tool with unlimited space and accounts.

As you can see our partnership is not like a typical vendor relationship.  You can consider us as your dedicated IT staff and service partner.  100%  of our member chapters are references and we will customize a unique financial and technical solution to your chapter.

Contact us to schedule a demo and let us show you the difference.

Apple calendar issue.

This issue is for clients that use the latest Apple OS X Yosemite update that came out a few weeks ago.  Apple made a change to their calendar program which can cause issues:

1) Timezone Handling.  An invite from a Zimbra user in a different timezone on any platform other than Outlook/Windows to a Mac Yosemite/Mavericks Zimbra CalDav user will be added with an incorrect time. The Yosemite/Mavericks notification center will display the correct time but it will be added to with the timezone information stripped. e.g. an invite for 7pm CEST will be added as 7pm Local. We have a case open on this one. (this was not a problem in Zimbra 8.0)

2) Create meeting does not forward to external invitees.  Add an appointment and add an external invitee - the invite is never sent (this worked in Mavericks)

3) Meeting modification does not forward to external invitees.  Modify an appointment and the update is never sent (this worked in Mavericks)

4) "Revert" a meeting deletes the meeting from the Calendar.  Previously when modifying a meeting the "Revert" option would undo any changes (this worked in Mavericks).

We realize that some of these problems are probably Yosemite issues only. We think that the the first problem (timezone handling) is logically the format of the ICS file so could be fixed by either Zimbra or by Apple. None of these problems have been seen when using BuyCal for Yosemite but our users who do not have BusyCal unfortunately see this as a Zimbra issue when the issue is the way Apple coded iCal.