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PMI Poland Re-Design

Once again, the Proteon Team has proven they will go over and above.  Recently PMI.Org.Pl decided to redesign their website.  Our team worked diligently together to make certain that all of the requirements were met which resulted in a successful Go-Live of of the site and a  dymamic PMI Template.  This is what they had to say:

"Hi Arbind,

I would like to say THANK YOU for all your effort to implement our new website. There were quite a lot of requitrements. There were some changes during the project and I am aware you have spent long nights working for our success.

Finally we went live yesterday. I want to share with you first comments from my chapter users that I received today morning:
"great design"
"+10 to usability"
"I love that"
I would like you to know that my chapter users are very satisfied with the results of your hard work.
I would like to say THANK YOU on behalf of PMI Poland Chapter and PMI Poland Chapter Board of Directors."


ProDEP will continue to work.

You may have received a notice from PMI regarding the Monthly DEP Access being replaced by the Chapter Reporting System (CRS).  ProDEP, the system your website uses to download your membership each night, will not be affected by this.  The Automated DEP Web Service is not related to the Monthly DEP download although their names are similar.

We do believe that at some future point in time the Automated DEP Web Services will be tied into the CRS but when that happens ProDEP will be modified to accomodate the new data feeds and there will be no dusruption of service.  If and when that happens Proteon will give you an advanced notice of the change.

OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug – Proteon Websites are Secure

There has been a lot of news in the past 24 hours about a security vulnerability in a version of OpenSSL, commonly known as the “Heartbleed Bug”. OpenSSL is a popular cryptographic software library used to help keep Internet communications private, so understandably you may have questions about how this might impact your website.

We take the responsibility of keeping your site protected very seriously at Proteon.   We would like to assure you that with regards to the Heartbleed bug:
1) Your website is secure and it is not affected by this exploit.
2) If you use PayPal for your payment services then it is secure.
3) Your, PsiGate, and eWay gateways are secure.
4) There is no need to change your passwords.
Additionally no Proteon websites are configured to save any payment data whatsoever.  Proteon websites don't even use file based session management. Everything is stored in volatile RAM and immediately destroyed on exit of the site.  So even in the unlikely event of a breach there would simply be nothing to take.
Again we would like to assure all Proteon Partners that your site is secure and not affected in any way by this exploit.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

PMI IT Business Capabilities Upgrade Announcement

pmi news header pmi news footer

PMI has informed us that all websites and web applications will be unavailable on Saturday, 9 November 2013 between 8:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. for a planned and scheduled IT business capabilities upgrade.

This might affect our ProDEP run tonight most likely and it will affect the Single Sign On (SSO) login tomorrow AM.

If you want to, you may enable the Proteon Login option on your website to enable the chapter members to login into the website. Here are the steps to enable the Proteon Login:

(1) Login to admin at yoursite-website-address/administrator
(2) Go to Extensions >> Module Manager.
(3) Click on the "NEW" button located on the top right corner of the page.
(4) Select the "CB Login" type of module.
(5) Enter the title of the module, set in which position on your website do you want the module to appear (could be left, right, position-5, position-7, etc depending upon the template you are using), set up on which pages would the module appear, and save it.

Once the process has been done without any errors, the login module should appear on the specified position.

Additionally, please be sure to locate the sso login module in the Module Manager page and disable the sso login module when you have enabled the CB Login module. These two login modules very often conflict with each other.

As always we're here to help nights and weekends so if you have any questions at all please contact our helpdesk at

Proteon partners with over 100 PMI Chapters!


It's official.  Proteon has partnered with over 100 PMI Chapter partners!

We have gone from our 1st chapter website in Columbus Ohio to roughly 40% of the worldwide chapters in just a few short years.  That is incredible growth and it proves the value of our partherships.  And the year is not over, we are actively talking with many other chapters and we expect to have more to report soon.

The Proteon partnership is proven.

When we first started this concept of a cooperative of PMI Chapters banding together to help each other in our processes, best practices and technology there were those who doubted this approach.  Those doubts have been definitively put to rest.  Working together and pooling our resources has proven a resounding success.

Proteon is the most trusted chapter partner.

Another indicator of the our valued partnerships is that our retention rate of PMI Chapter partners is 99% over 7 years.  It is clear that our Chapter partners really trust the relationship and want to keep it going.  Given the dynamic nature of web technologies and companies a 99% retention rate is unheard of in the industry.

Listed are the chapters that have released new websites just this year.

  1. PMI Central Massachusetts (
  2. PMI Denmark (
  3. PMI Eastern Iowa (
  4. PMI France (
  5. PMI Ghana (
  6. PMI Hungary (
  7. PMI Indonesia (
  8. PMI Israel (
  9. PMI Madison Wisconsin (
  10. PMI Maine (
  11. PMI Michigan Thumb (
  12. PMI Mid Nebraska (
  13. PMI Montevideo Uruguay (
  14. PMI Poland (
  15. PMI Sioux Empire (
  16. PMI United Kingdom (
  17. PMI Western Idaho (
  18. PMI Wichita (
  19. PMI Keystone (
  20. PMI Kentucky Bluegrass (
  21. PMI Midlands (
  22. PMI Northeast Ohio (
  23. PMI Silver Spring Maryland (
  24. PMI Nova Scotia (
  25. PMI Dayton (coming soon)
  26. PMI Eastern Tennessee (coming soon)
  27. PMI Northeast Florida (coming soon)
  28. PMI Northern Alberta Canada (coming soon)
  29. PMI Southern Maryland (coming soon)

Here is a list of the European sites that have partnered with Proteon:

  1. PMI Denmark (
  2. PMI France (
  3. PMI Hungary (
  4. PMI Poland (
  5. PMI United Kingdom (

Please join Proteon in welcoming the following Latin America chapters:

  1. PMI Montevideo Uruguay (
  2. PMI Sao Paulo Brazil (coming soon)
  3. PMI Asuncion Paraguay (coming soon)
  4. PMI Santa Cruz Bolivia (coming soon)

 What our chapter partners are saying...

The deployment of the new PMI Maine chapter website,, went quickly.  In fact, it was faster than the decision to sign up with Proteon.  We began the project at the end of January and went live on March 29th.  Proteon did the initial work, moving all our old site content to the new development site and then began working with us to change the site into what we wanted.  The eight weeks was a series of Wednesday evening of shared-desktop conference calls that both ticked through a task list and answered a questions list that I had compiled through the week.  It was clear that Mike and his team had been through this task list many times. The Proteon group was very efficient at communicating and resolving issues among the globally dispersed team members.

We’re very pleased with the site’s appearance and function, and we’re confident that it’s a platform on which the site can grow and that will support new initiatives of the chapter.  We share Mike’s pride in how the site uses a flexible layout and so looks good regardless of device that’s accessing it.

The project experience has also given us confidence that the ongoing support from Proteon will be top notch and we look forward to a positive relationship.

PMI Maine Chapter

It took our chapter two years to make the decision to move to Proteon.  The Kick Off meeting was held on Jan 30, 2013.  We went live on Mar 29, 2013.  Michael Holstein, from Proteon, and his team did all the heavy lifting by migrating our old web site information to the new.  The migration was truly painless.

When it was time to see the new web site, Michael showed his prowess by quickly offering suggestions on how the site might look better, or navigate better, and within a few clicks it happened before our eyes.

As an IT Project Manager, I know my way around IT Projects, not so much as a web developer.  The Joomla platform was very intuitive and easy to learn.  Within a week of going live, I feel totally comfortable with  handling anything the PMIWIC community wished the site would do.

We had a couple of issues with the site early on, causing me to open tickets with the Proteon help desk.  The response was freakishly fast (thank you, “Jimmy John’s”).  The technicians were knowledgeable and courteous.  As I write this, one week after “Go Live”, there is not much more to do other than maintain the website.

Thank you, Proteon.  We are VERY pleased with our new look.

PMI Western Idaho Chapter

Dear Mr. Holstein:
I want to personally thank you for helping Drew Orgell - our VP of Operations - on Thursday evening when we run into a connectivity issue during the Board of Directors meeting. You going above and beyond the call of duty was highly appreciated by all of us.

PMI California Central Coast Chapter

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